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Ceasefire Between My Brain & My Heart - CD release

Ceasefire Between My Brain & My Heart - front cover

CD & downloads now available - see following link:


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This album is the result of many years of travel, human interactions and life experiences expressed through music and words....... 


My Sierra Valley, CA music/design studio/living space

The space from which several of the songs emerged. Click the following link to hear the results: 

Navajo Nation Coronavirus Plight & My People with the Hopi

The Navajo Nation is stricken with the highest rate of coronavirus in the USA & this is an appeal for help. Together w/ Olive Loom of Fayetteville, AR ( I have sent masks & I encourage any who can to help. The Navajo Nation address is: Window Rock Wellness Center, PO Box 3748, Window Rock, AZ 86515. In this video I am playing to a background track produced by JonJon Alevizakis of Little Buddha Studios and he also did the instrumentation. Anna of Portland, OR on background vocals.

Life & Hopes Tangled Up

This is a song about a time in my life when I thought things would never get better. But, I learned that by focusing on moving things in a positive direction, things can get better.  I'm playing along with a background track produced by JonJon Alevizakis of Little Buddha Studios in Nevada City, CA. He does the instrumentation as well. Anna C. of Portland, OR does the background vocals.

Waves of Ocean/Cosmic Sea - Corona Version

This is a very rough version of a song I'm working on to go with a story & illustrations for young people. The ending has changed to express my reflections on the crazy corona thing happening out there. 

My best wishes for All to stay well.

Music/Art/Words-Tools for Human Condition/Planet Betterment

Playing guitar for the souls of Camp Tule Lake the day after the Total Solar Eclipse 2017.

Playing for the souls of Camp Tule Lake the day after the Great American Eclipse of 2017

On my way back from experiencing the Total Solar Eclipse of 2017 I made a detour to honor the souls of the No-No Boys and others once incarcerated during WWII at the Tule Lake Relocation Center in the far north of California. I played my song 'My People with the Hopi Go' which is about the, history of the internment of people of Japanese ancestry, their interactions with the Native People and human resilience. Click this link to hear a clip: 


The Total Solar Eclipse at Lake Union in Central Oregon

As the eclipse was waning the light through the trees created crescent images of the Sun partially blocked by the Moon on me and my guitar. This caused a shift in my perception of the Universe and served to shape my song 'Meteor Hits the Earth'. Please see the following link for a clip of the song: 


Lao Spirit Dream

Image of Lao Spirit captured in watercolor along the journey through that magical land.  Click 'More' under header, then 'Travel & Research' for more on Lao culture.