Ceasefire Between My Brain & My Heart

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This album is the result of many years of travel, human interactions and life experiences expressed through music and words. The journey began as my family immigrated from Japan to the United States when I was a toddler. As far back as I can recall adventures and trips , from the afternoon and weekend variety to summer-long odysseys helped shape the way I view the World in a profound way. By encouraging expression through music, art, writing and various other creative endeavors my parents, Tetsundo & Tochiko Sekiguchi, provided me with the greatest blessings one could hope for - a deep curiosity of the World and Universe - together with a sense that what is gained along the way might be applied to the greater good.

The recent dark fog brought upon this land by powers-that-be driven by greed and hunger for power, moral turpitude and untethered by truth unleashed my need to address what is going on in song. Contempt of those differing from their own, moral depravity and a wilful need to impose injustice by the current administration - along with those complicit by their support - are the seeds from which the songs of resistance grew.

Some of the songs are simply reflections of weirdness I encountered along the way. I suppose life as a vagabond has shaped how my mind functions in a way which deviates from accepted norms. In some cases I think of the songs as 'vaccines for insanity' if you will. My theory is that if you are infused with something that makes you go just a little bit insane it can prevent you from going totally crazy. I'll leave it to others to judge how well this works. 

My deepest thanks to JonJon Alevizakis of Little Buddha Studios, Nevada City & San Rafael, CA, who produced, recorded, mixed and mastered this album. Guitars, bass, keyboards and other instrumentation are JonJon's amazing work - his magic has taken my music to a level I never dared imagine! Thanks also to Christopher Krotky of Soundwire Studios, Fairfax, CA, for his incredible drum work and to Anna Coronna for her beautiful background vocals. 

Front & back cover art is my own and thanks to Kaisa MacDonald for graphics & formatting expertise.

See 'My Blog' below for the stories behind the songs and lyrics.

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My Blog

Dreams Begin to Fly

This is a song of hopes & concerns for the holidays - that we can overcome hostilities taking hold of this land. It is also an apology to the young. My generation has  degraded the environment to such a degree that it  sometimes feels hopeless. So as I ask forgiveness for handing them such a  mess - I offer the young people of today a message of hope &  encouragement - that with their compassion, awareness & joyful resolve  they can fend off the negative forces threatening all we cherish. 

Lunatic Fringe

A ceasefire between my brain and my heart can keep my world from falling apart… even as ominous darkness spreads across the landscape a spark glows hopefully in that the best side of human nature can take hold, grow and allow us to join together in resisting the malevolent tides strangling the nation and threatening our planet.......

Impeach the Shithole in Chief

The time has now come to make a stand - Impeach the Shithole in Chief!

Art All Around Us

 Song by Naoto Sekiguchi co-produced by John Alevizakis at Little Buddha  Studio, California. Background vocals by Anna Coronna. In memory of my  dear friend and coworker Art Woodring - keeper of the healing waters at  Sierra Hot Springs.  Photos by Mike Woodring, Juliana Bledsoe, Donelson Campbell, Viviane  Antonic, Patrick Nadon, Lucas Barnes, Shilo LeBlanc and others. Special  thanks to the caring, compassionate staff at Renown Hospital ICU, Reno.